So if you're wondering about FurShows it gets a bit of traffic and will probably get more as time goes on, I would like to put that to good use by curating videos of interest from the furry fandom, these could include the complete works of a playthrough furry game, informational videos, animated shows, music and other works from popular and none popular furries.

It's also my way of keeping up to date and I guess networking if furs like it. We're not affiliated or endorsed by any YouTuber or video creator except me Fesothe and Kilynntor.

I would like to start doing YouTube and while primarily I will be running another channel about 3d, I think there is room in the fandom for someone who can be a "ringmaster"/curator of content as my fursona is a steampunk ringmaster of robots (Note: I'm not pro circus with respect to using animals in shows).

Videos here are for entertainment purposes only and may contain the original creator's adverts so be sure to white list this website if that applies, please take any issues up with the original video creator.

Thank you for taking a look and or following back.

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