About Us

A message from Fesothe,

If you're wondering what FurShows is about, it's an impartial website for furries and none furries that receives, collects, and shares furry/anthro media and entertainment, it will also be a place I (Fesothe) can post my own furry related content and entertainment that will be posted on the FurShows YouTube. If you want to see what I'm working on please visit my blog.

We aim to be a spotlight on the fandom where furries can reach an audience whether or not they're established. The videos I curate or get sent to post from the furry fandom could include the complete works of a playthrough furry game, informational videos, animated shows, music, film trailers, and other works from popular and none popular furries.

I understand that a lot of content is shared on social media, groups and other places but we also have to realise that not a lot of that content reaches its intended audience and it can demotivate creators when they don't get the recognition they deserve. While low traffic can be down to poor quality content much of it can just be down to timezone differences or just plain limiting of the network you are on, or a dreaded block list preventing your shares/reach. (you may have really great content but be restricted by fandom drama)

Which is especially true of facebook where you have to pay to reach people who already follow your page. Smaller creators miss out on the traffic they need and it can take years to build an audience or establish yourself as a creator if you don't have the financial resources to pay to reach an audience or even look after yourself, Patreon has solved a lot of the issues but it's still hard to attract sponsors to build financial security while developing your content.

There are no adverts on this website other than for the creator of the video within their videos and within my own videos, and what will be two banner adverts for the FurShows YouTube channel (per language site), any revenue made from the FurShows channel will be reinvested and shared out via Patreon, Ko-Fi, and PayPal donations to creators making content that I hope will allow me to list their content on this website.

Should I meet my goals and the FurShows YouTube channel starts to bring in revenue I will incorporate FurShows as a social enterprise and allow creators to become free members who are able to vote on what content creators are funded and I will turn FurShows into a free NetFlix style website but develop it in a way that is more open to ensuring content reaches its intended audience.

This website does get a lot of traffic from around the world but is small compared to other sites, it will probably get more as time goes on with advertising and marketing paid from the FurShows channel income.

Thank you for taking a look and or following back, follow us at https://twitter.com/furshows and remember to check back here for new content! and new creators.